At DigiProton we consider SEO as subset of Digital Marketing. The main purpose of SEO is to optimize the organic search ranking in major online search engines but digital marketing goes beyond that to reach out your targeted customers online in every possible place.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is broader term for the targeted, measurable, and interactive marketing of brand, products or services using digital technologies to engage convert and retain customers.


Search engine optimization is a process of developing, customizing or retooling your website in order to advance it to the top rankings on major online search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing etc.

Due to abandoned data flow in the web space SEO and digital marketing has become very complicated and in order to get high ROI and Increase in Sales Graph you should have a solid SEO and digital marketing strategy means employing a thoughtful, multifarious approach that includes everything from the technical aspects of your website’s to creative, targeted approaches to content marketing and online PR.

Our Approach

Strategy development

You need an SEO strategy that not only outlines your plan of attack, but digs into the competitive landscape you’re trying to win, engage with your target audience and achieve the goal you are trying to get.

Website Analysis

A website analysis will take a lot in the stock such as how well your website is built, crawling speed, landing pages, back linking, security issues, content, and performance in the major search engines.

Competitive Analysis

Competition is good but winning is better. To analyse the competition we follow three step theories:

  1. Identify and Validate your SEO competition
  2. Analyse your competitors current SEO performance
  3. Compare your current performance with that of your competitors on the basis of keyword relevance, current rankings, search volume, ranked pages, as well as domains' link popularity, content optimization, and page results characteristics etc.

Keyword & Ad word Selection

The ad word is paid services from search engines. There are dozens of different factors to consider, but DigiProton prefers to evaluate keywords based on target audience, search volumes and commercial intent, organic SEO competition.

Sitemap and Search Engine Submission

There are a lot of free website which submit .xml file to various search engine which helps in better SEO.

Link Building and Exchange

We wisely choose links because it is major affecting factor in how well you rank and how liable you are to be hit with a penalty, DigiProton digital marketing experts measures of how many links you have, where they’re coming from, and what the anchor text says.

Integration of Google Analytics Code

The awesome part of digital marketing is that you can accurately measure its performance and Google made it easier with its analytics tool. You can perform following eight awesome tasks with Google Analytics

  1. See most important information’s in a glance No. of visitors, item and pages seen, item purchased, duration of stay, location wise performance etc.
  2. Compare campaigning results
  3. Find out location of your most likely prospects
  4. Determine what people clicks more
  5. Measure bounce rate
  6. You can even know about page performance in terms of crawling speed and areas of improvement
  7. Discover where people abandon the shopping cart

Social Media Marketing

After Google has launched its new set of SEO Algorithms with a lot more weightage to social media the importance of social connect has gone far beyond the imagination. If you are not hearing the voice of your customers from social media, you are more likely to lose market share. It’s the best medium of two way communication with full freedom. DigiProton leverages websites with social media platforms and engages your customers on your behalf.

Affiliate Marketing

DigiProton Channel Partner Manager will handle complete process of analysing and selecting best sites to talk about your product and services in exchange for a share of the revenue generated from their website, blogs, videos, social media pages etc.

Viral Content Campaigns

Content is king on any marketing activity be it online or offline. Content will nurture buyers through the marketing funnel; it’s what will help your site rank well in search engines, earn you traction on social media, and, ultimately, communicate who your brand is to the world.

The channels we consider include

  1. Blog
  2. Whitepapers, E-books, Guides, and Educational Resources
  3. Viral Content
  4. Landing and Sales Pages
  5. Product Copy
  6. Visual Content (e.g. Info graphics, Photos, and Memes)
  7. Video Content (e.g. Explainer Videos, How-Tos, and Vlogs)
  8. Webinars and presentation on slide shares
  9. Podcasts
  10. Press and Media Releases
  11. Text and Display Ads

Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC)

Pay per click is the best way to get instant traffic in your website. You may pay search engine to rank your website on top or you can also contact the local website owner, blogger, social media page admin or YouTube video up loader with heavy traffic in order to flash banner or promotional content of your brand. DigiProton consistently keep track on the quality performance of keywords and campaigning content in order to save cost and increase ROI.

Mobile Marketing

Due to ever increase in smart phone users the mobile marketing has become the most crucial part of digital marketing. In India Google has produced search results that almost 65-70% traffic is coming from Mobile. DigiProton’s dedicated mobile website and mobile application can help you to promote the best product in your catalogue. Our time and location sensitive push notification messages, bulk SMS, voice calls and mobile engine marketing services can do wonders for you.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is the best inexpensive way to keep your customers informed about your product updates and promotional offers. DigiProton’s expert designers and creative content writers will help you in creating fantastic templates and engaging content. Our email campaign performance tracking tools will tell you the opening rate, number of clicks, and sharing information on any other channel in real time, so that you can approach potential prospect with special offers.

Online Trust Building

The final pillar of our most effective SEO and digital marketing strategy is online trust building. Search engines always rank trustworthy websites on the top of its organic search results. Our online public relation activities, contact with right bloggers and review websites, social media page admins will not only create trust among the audience but also improves ranking in search engines and help you to get referred from end user.