We are expert in devising effective mobile marketing strategies by understanding your mobile audience, designing responsive contents and making strategic use of responsive website, mobile app push notifications, emails, SMS, MMS etc.

How we build strategy for you

Steps 1 – Understanding mobile audience

We ask these questions to understand your target audience–
 Percentage of mobile device users in target audience?
 Do they open emails on Mobile? Are they comfortable completing a purchase on a smartphone?
 What Google analytics says about your user mobile behaviour?
 Do they do product search using mobile devices?

Step 2 - Set Goals and Objectives

 What are your main objectives for considering mobile marketing?
 How long you would like to run mobile marketing campaigns?
 What is the budget allocated to run the show?
 Channels and methods used for marketing such as mobile search engine ranking optimization, pay per click campaign,
    Google AdWords,Link building and exchange, analytics integration, SMS, MMS, Push Notifications and Email Campaigning.

Step 3 – Connect, Socialise and Close

 Make a mobile-responsive website to improve mobile search engine ranking.
 Send them mobile friendly emails, personalised sms and mms.
 Study social use of customer, websites they visit most and use those details in reflecting your adds such as YouTube Channels, Blogs, Facebook page     visits etc.
 Make sure to provide call in action buttons, landing pages and smart payments options to acquire the customer.
 Hear what customer has to say using your mobile social media channels. Resolve their problems and answer their queries instantly.

Step 4 - Monitor Mobile Metrics

Google Analytics and App Manago Analytics can help monitor mobile usage of your site:
 Geography and demography of customer
 Devices used to search and open website, apps
 URL clicked, product added to cart
 Failed payments
 Auto analysis of buying behaviour
 Market Trends

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