Set to go

Let’s have a cup of coffee together

A lot can happen over a coffee, we can understand your unique requirements, brainstorm on possible solutions, determine alternatives, choose best working plan and strategy to implement.

You don’t have to wait:

We are always up and ready for the challenges, once the architecture is finalized, we will go further to give you budgeting and timeline. If everything’s works out fine, our team will start working on the agreed designs/solutions immediately.

Playing mock up – mock up

We respect your change request

We are not mutants, we don’t have power to read your mind and see abstract images somewhere deep inside, so let’s do one thing; how about using our expertise of making sketches, browsing for similar concepts and giving you three to four sample templates. You can actually choose one of those templates or if suddenly you get intuition and able to tell us what exactly is in your mind with picture that will be really awesome for us. “We believe in doing it right in first time” but is it really possible? Means things when go live makes more understanding so don’t worry your wish is my command and as there is no difference between Ginny and us except that we charge for customization.

On full action

Yes!! we do testing ourselves before presenting it to you

Our technology worrier’s designers, developers and content writers actually use their brain with two red bulls each and make best designs, do robust coding which even they can’t crack it, and completely test it like ISRO do before each launching for all tools, functions, compatibility and best practices.

Rocket launching and sustaining

Becoming number one and holding the position

After drinking Coffees and Redbulls now it’s time to eat some pizzas and sweets as you are going to become number one soon. We have meticulously checked every possible stuff before launching and now it’s time for Rocket to get into Axis mean hosting of website. Once it’s up there, either we handover you the secret codes, coordinates and formulas or you can just enjoy the benefits and let us maintain your website and we promise you that, we will not only maintain it but also keep you informed about new tools, plugins which may help your website to sustain it for longer run in space.